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I can create any blend for any stage of your life... there are no limits! Describe your exact issues, and please let me know if there are any essential oils that you would like to avoid.

Packaging options:
  • 1 dram rollers
  • 10ml Rollers
  • 1oz or 2oz glass dropper bottle

attune to your inner nature

waterfall in the green mountain with black text

Every session is uniquely curated for you, based on exactly where you are in your journey of transformation and the intention you bring to the session. Significant focus is placed on clearing blockages, thus allowing the energy to naturally flow freely again creating a state of harmony. 

A variety of techniques and tools might be used such as: visualization, meditation, Qi Gong, breathwork, journaling, light movement, and healing essential oils clinically applied.

55min, $125

For inquiries email me at

Cancellation policy

Please note that 50% of your session rate is non-refundable when booking.
Be advised that all cancellations must be made via email, addressed to:
Cancellations made 48 hours, or more, before a scheduled appointment will be processed without a penalty.
Cancellations made in less than 48 hours of a scheduled appointment window will be subject to a rebooking fee of $20.